International conference on selfsimilar processes and their applications

Plenary lectures

Kenneth Falconer

(University of St Andrews)

Multistable and Multifractional Processes

Andreas Kyprianou

(University of Bath)

The n-tuple laws

Jean-François Le Gall

(Université Paris 11)

The continuous limit of large random planar maps

Gérard Letac

(Université Toulouse 3)

Exit times of Brownian motion and random convex sets in the plane

Grégory Miermont

(ENS Paris)

Scaling limits of random planar maps with large face

Gennady Samorodnitsky

(Cornell University)

What self-similar processes best describe the input to communication network models~?

Murad Taqqu

(Boston University)

A multiple stochastic integral criterion for an almost sure central limit theorem with applications to increments of fractional Brownian motion

Marc Yor

(Université Paris 6)

Processus croissant pour l'ordre convexe et martingales

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